Crystal Clear Digital Marketing: The Dilemma – Ep2

crystal clear digital marketing

From the previous episode of the intelligent marketer, I analyzed the concept of simplicity being at the core throughout my digital marketing journey so far. At the time I was through with my university education, around 2014, I wasn’t crystal clear yet about delving into the digital marketing world.

In fact… honestly, I didn’t even know what digital marketing was all about.

I was a Cisco Certified Network Administrator who at the time was very enthusiastic about getting a well-paid job for a Giant Telecom company.

I did volunteer as a Network Engineer for one of the Giant Telecoms company (MTN), in my hometown.

But you know how it is…

Not too long, bills started knocking at my door and I realized it was high time I started getting paid.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I wasn’t given an offer.

This prompted me to jump into the job market looking for the next gold mine.

Let’s digress a little…

Can you relate to this story or do you know someone who can relate?

“You just finished your university program and you thought the job market was waiting to throw plenty of opportunities at you, but you realized you are just at the beginning of yet another university AKA university of life”

Most young professionals like myself can relate to this.

In Canada, we are blessed with several other options. Where I come from in Africa, Cameroon, most youths are left with just their crushed dreams (I would not go into the details).

The Dilemma

After searching for a job for months with no results, I became in a state of dilemma. I started asking myself questions like…

maybe I should have done medicine OR maybe I should have become a lawyer?

Then I met a big friend of mine whom I consider as my first mentor, Otto Akama. Otto introduced me to the digital marketing world.

I found it fascinating…

It was fascinating because I noticed that digital marketing could integrate into pretty much any industry.

Also, as a digital marketing professional, you can pretty much do a lot that would get you paid instead of relying on the brutal job market.

This time, I said to myself I am in it for good.

I worked with Otto and other team members in a startup called Makonjo Media. The good thing about working in a startup is that you learn passion. When you have a good leader, you become passionate about the vision. This is what gave me the drive as I self-thought myself blogging, Search Engine Optimization,  Affiliate marketing, PPC Advertising, and much more…

Maybe you are thinking of getting into the world of digital marketing – But you don’t know how to start.

Don’t worry!

In the next episodes, I will walk you through how I learned the different areas of digital marketing. It takes time. But be rest assured I will be giving you my blueprint – FOR FREE.

Stay tuned…


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