The Digital Marketing Blueprint: Blogging101 – Ep3

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From the previous episode of the intelligent marketer, I broke down the dilemma I faced before luck finally made me discover the world of digital marketing through my big friend and first mentor Otto Akama.

In this episode, I will dive straight into my digital marketing blueprint. I will begin the journey with blogging101 as this was where I started when I just started getting started with Digital Marketing.

You know, sometimes while seeking knowledge in whatever industry it might be, it could be very easy to spend months, if not years drowning in a sea of confusing information online. But you are on Digital Hama’s blog because you trust US, and I will not let you down. I will share with you exactly how I started and survived in this game of digital marketing.

First, I will start by telling you a little story…

It began when I just joined the biggest Tech Hub in Cameroon, ActivSpaces. ActivSpaces is a tech incubator, helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a business.

Originally, I came into ActivSpaces for a Python workshop. Given that I had an IT Networking (Cisco) background, it was relatively easy for me to integrate into python programming language (which is popularly considered as the programming language for IT Networking geeks). After playing around with a few lines of code in python, I found it interesting and I kept on with the workshop sessions till it was complete.

Recall that from the previous episode, I was fed up volunteering or doing work for free which was why I came to ActivSpaces hoping something good will come out of it.

Behold, one morning I got into the space (ActivSpaces), and Otto told me he got a contract to write for a huge African publishing house (funny enough, I can’t recall the name of the publishing house).

Long story short…

This was where the journey began.

Otto entrusted the contract into my hands even though I had “Zero” experience in blogging/Digital marketing.

I took upon the challenge, as the pay package at the time was quite a decent one to take care of the needs of a 19-year-old guy like me. I began doing research Online and the “first principle” I stumbled on was the AIDA strategy.

So if you have read my post until this point, I implore you to pause this very moment and do a quick google search on what “AIDA” means. But because I am a very generous guy, I’ll tell you…


My job at the time was to browse the web to get hot and trending news articles and report on them for the African website I was blogging for.

So you might ask!

How does the “AIDA Principle” apply in Blogging/Digital Marketing?

It is simple…

Remember, AIDA stands for ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE, ACTION. So all that you are to do is “figure out” a way to hook your reader with Attention, capture their interest as they read on, create a desire as they feel like jumping off your content, then conclude by giving them a call to action.

If I were you, I will ask how do I do all these? Surely you can’t “figure it out” from nowhere…

I get that…

The short answer is – IT TAKES TIME AND PRACTICE IS KEY.

For example, I began this journey 5years ago. But how I got to the level I am today is by burning the night candles practicing every single day. It may take you less than 5years to get to Industry standards. Who knows?

You just need to firmly decide and take up the challenge to START NOW. I MEAN TODAY.

And you may be the next success story in a lesser time than you think.

Let’s continue the blogging101 digital marketing blueprint…

After stumbling on the AIDA principle, I wrote a few articles, and because I had no prior experience, my articles were not good enough to be featured on the website. I was fired as the writer for that blog.

I was devastated…

But because I had developed a strong drive for what I was doing, It led Otto to create a blog for me to practice and work on developing my skillset in digital marketing.

In the next episode, I will reveal to you what the name of the blog was, and what happened – You may be surprised.

Stay tuned…

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