Entrepreneurs: Not Enough Hours in the Day? Think Again!

Entrepreneurs: Not Enough Hours in the Day? Think Again!

Many people believe that being a successful entrepreneur means committing to long hours, late nights, and little to no time for yourself. While there are certainly some busy periods, particularly around a startup, working nonstop is detrimental to you and your business.

To be at your best means you need to recharge and reset, whether that’s by carving out personal time or hiring the right staff to give you some freedom and flexibility. Digital Hama shares some tips on how you can run your business effectively without burning the candle at both ends.

Find Help

When you’re establishing your business, set the stage for smooth sailing by budgeting for outside support, whether that’s a personal assistant, a cleaning service, an accountant, or people to handle one-time tasks like registering your business to operate in your province.

While there are things you could do on your own, it’s time-consuming. It can be a challenge at first, hiring out key services when you’re watching every penny, but you’re ultimately benefiting your business by freeing up your valuable time.

Enhance Organization

While your team may already be adept at using project management and collaboration tools, there is still room for improvement. Consider using the expertise of digital marketing and development companies like Digital Hama to produce mobile apps for your business.

One such mobile app valuable to many different types of companies is mobile booking apps, which allows your customers to book appointments, lessons, meetings, consultations, and much more. This type of feature can add precious minutes to your day, and that’s something every entrepreneur can use.

Make Time

How many times do we hear the phrase: “There just aren’t enough hours in the day!”

While time is, indeed, finite, the key to success is how you manage your schedule. Savvy entrepreneurs quickly learn how to make the most of every minute of every day, and when you start building time for self-care into that schedule, it just becomes part of your routine. 

According to Psychology Today, make personal time a non-negotiable portion of your day, and resist the urge to push “you” time to the back burner. 

You’re not being indulgent or wasting time — you’re maintaining the engine that drives your business. In essence, taking care of yourself is an important element of small business ownership.

Find Your Bliss

While self-care includes basic fundamentals, like eating healthy whole foods and getting enough sleep and exercise, there’s more to it. You should look forward to personal care time and view it as a chance to mentally and emotionally regroup and destress. 

This type of relaxation means different things to everyone. For you, it might mean meditating with your favorite music, partaking in a hobby you enjoy, attending a regular yoga or exercise class, or going for a scenic hike.

You might even designate “me time” in different time increments to accommodate your schedule. For example, on a day packed with meetings, a 10-minute relaxation breathing exercise can do the trick. On a day with more leeway, a leisurely walk with friends or a spa treatment might be in order. 

For an entrepreneur, the line between work and home can easily blur, so make sure you remove any negative energy in your living space and find ways to keep work time and personal time separate. 

The important thing is you’re reducing the potential for anxiety and depression, which will ultimately allow you to better manage your venture. 

Make Things Easy

A good way to find elusive free time is to make things easier on yourself whenever possible. For example, rather than spend time grocery shopping, order online and have groceries delivered. 

According to Good Housekeeping, meal prepping one day out of the week can help you avoid “from scratch” or fast-food meals when you’re on the go. 

If you’re a parent, you might enlist other busy parents to participate in carpools for school and extracurricular activities. Even small things like investing in professional clothes that don’t need to be dry-cleaned, hand-washed, or ironed can alleviate stressed and hurried days!

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