The Intelligent Marketer: Overview and Roadmap – Ep1

The Intelligent Marketer

Hi, My name is Michael Njefi. The intelligent marketer is going to be a series of blog posts, detailing several challenges I faced along my digital marketing journey, as well as the roadmap I took to overcome them.

I remember back in the days when I was a teenager, my dream, like most of my peers was to be a Doctor, Lawyer, or Pilot. But there was this day that was the game-changer in my life…

haha, or at least – I thought it was…

At the time, I was in High school. I can recall vividly, at about noon, I was about to leave the classroom when our computer science tutor got into the classroom to give us lessons. Most of us disregarded computer science lessons as we considered computer science to be an “easy” subject. Thus, we always sought different forms of leisure outside of our computer science classes.

Here is what happened…

On that faithful day, our computer science tutor told us a story. The only excerpt of the story I remember to date was :

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world because of Microsoft. Would you rather pay the price now or later ? A word to a wise is sufficient.

As simple as it seems, this was the game-changer statement that reshaped my direction gearing me towards dedicating my entire career to IT and Computer Science.

But wait a sec…

How did digital marketing come into the picture? Besides, there was hardly any hype about digital marketing around the 2000s. How then did the Intelligent marketer come to birth?

Well, read on…

When I completed high school, my enthusiasm grew stronger for IT as I enrolled in some professional courses while at University (A+, N+, OS, CCNA). These were the courses that gave me the foundation required to navigate effortlessly within the different sectors of IT.

If you have read my story until this point, then you’re probably looking for a roadmap to success in digital marketing, or maybe you’re thinking of getting into the field but you just feel overwhelmed…


Either way, you stumbled on my somewhat interesting story and you wanna ride along.

Honestly, like any other field or career path, I don’t think there is a particular roadmap to success. What I will be doing is to share with you the challenges I was able to overcome, and how I succeeded in cutting across the noise in this field ( thus, the intelligent marketer was born). So, you can use my references in case you stumble on the same challenges.

But before I begin my digital marketing journey with you, I want you to think about this quote from Jeff Bezos AKA the richest man in the world.

The biggest oak starts from an acorn. Big things Start Small.

With this in mind, I want us to take a look at the bigger picture. Everything really is based on simplicity at its core. The simple processes I will be walking you throughout this journey might stack up to be complex, but keep in mind that the ultimate objective of this journey is for the intelligent marketer to use simple random ideas that are in itself reliable on simple processes that stack up to complexity. But bring about a result that is completely simple in the sense of it.

Before you accuse me of gibberish speech, let me give you a quick and real-time example:

Right now you’re probably on your mobile phone or another computer device reading this post…right?

What if I told you to turn off your mobile phone or computer device right now?

Would you rather bother about the simple thousands of circuits and transistors shutting and switching their binary values from 1 to 0 or are you as lazy as me, and what you know is that you have to hit the power button and the rest is history?

I guess you’ve gotten the point. That said?

Let the adventure begin…

Ohh…It appears your device is shut down… I’ll see you soon in the next episode…

Please share your comments if you liked this episode. Stay tuned…

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