The Blogging Anatomy: Blogging101 continued… – Ep4

Blogging anatomy

From the previous episode of the intelligent marketer, I started walking you through the blogging101 digital marketing blueprint. In this episode, I will dive into the blogging anatomy and explain to you why I got serious about blogging.

Let’s go! first of all…

What is blogging?

Blogging is simply the ability to write about your thoughts or ideas. Think of blogging the same way you think of your diary. Therefore, anyone who has the ability to read, write and understand is capable of owning a blog.

However, today, the internet is filled with so many blogs and it is practically difficult to get into blogging and successfully cut across the noise to get your opinions and thoughts heard concerning a particular topic.

Truth is, it’s still possible.

And I will share with you the structure I used to get a ton of visitors reading through my posts and leaving amazing comments on Digital Hama’s blog.

Let me take you back a little…

You remember I promised to tell you the name of the blog I started my digital marketing journey with from Ep3 of the intelligent marketer.

haha…It was TechCrunch-Africa – Yes, it was the pirated version of the giant TechCrunch.

You may not know what TechCrunch is. Well, TechCrunch is an American online newspaper focusing on high tech and startup companies.

So what I was doing is blogging for African startups and tech companies. At first, it looked interesting but after a few months, we started getting backlashes from several readers who were concerned about the pirated name of the blog “TechCrunch-Africa”.

We did market research about keeping or changing the name of the blog and the responses we got from our audience required that we change the name of the blog, thus gave birth to its new name “Afro Hustler“.

What is interesting is from the backlashes we got from “TechCrunch-Africa”, I realized that we were doing a great job in the first place which was why we were getting noticed. This led me to get more serious with the blogging I was doing.

Anyway, that was that.

Let’s fast forward to today…

The Blogging Anatomy

Like every other thing you do, you need to have a plan. Blogging is no different. Below is the structure I have been using to attract visitors to read Digital Hama’ blog post:

  1. Use attractive headlines: The key to successful headlines is to grab the attention of the reader. To know how to craft good headlines, check out this Neil Patel’s video.
  2. Use content clusters: Content clusters are different sections of the main topic you are blogging about. Think of it as subsections of your main topic.
  3. Make sure you put the user first: Blogging today is about user intent and user feedback. Google makes periodic algorithm updates that constantly gives the user power to give feedback if a certain content was helpful or not. So to be on the safe side, make sure you are writing to a specific audience.
  4. Optimize for SEO: Yes, you have to make sure your content is well optimized for SEO as well as inline with user intent. Don’t worry, we will cover SEO strategies in the coming episodes. To give you a hint, visit ubersuggest, a tool that will let you plug in keywords and you will see the content that ranks for the specific terms so you can create a better version of those content.

For now, you can start with this structure. I will go in-depth in the coming episodes covering SEO strategies and how to make money blogging.

I hope you loved this episode and I will like you to share your comments.

Stay tuned…


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