What SEO means and why SEO is important – Ep7

what seo means

From the previous episode of the intelligent marketer, we gave you some insights about SEO strategies that drive much traffic. In this episode, we will take a step back to get to the crux of what SEO means, and why SEO is important.

Without further ado, let’s dive into:

What SEO means?

Simply put, it means – Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is basically the process of getting your website or business to rank for several search queries on search engine result pages (SERPs).

For Example:

Michael just opened a fast-food restaurant and wants to be found on search engines when customers search for fast-food restaurants in his area. Michael will have to do Search Engine Optimization so that search engines can show his business to potential customers who are searching for fast-food-related queries in his area.

Search Engine Optimization could be broader than just optimizing for search queries in your area. Search Engine Optimization could target queries nationally, and even internationally.

Our post on SEO strategies that drive much traffic sheds some light on some different types of SEO strategies.

Now, we know the meaning of SEO.

what’s more?

Why SEO is important?

There are several reasons why SEO is important. Let’s enumerate some of these reasons:

  1. Brand Awareness: SEO is a huge factor for bringing about brand awareness.
    Think of it this way – According to Statista, about 30% of global web traffic is generated via online search usage.

    Heck, that’s almost a third of the entire global web traffic. This is to tell you that getting a position (especially top position) on the SERPs could massively boost your business’ brand awareness.

  2. Attract Customers: Search Engine Optimization is super important as it brings impressions to your website/business when potential customers are searching for the products or services that you offer.

    Therefore, the more you optimize your website for SEO, the more the potential to attract customers within your niche.

  3. Build’s Credibility and Trust: You must have heard of the statement “If it is not on Google, It does not exist”. SEO is a crucial factor to win the trust of potential customers.Also, Google considers over 200 SEO factors before ranking websites on their SERPs. Therefore, businesses that win in the game of SEO, are often considered credible and authoritative hence could convert more prospects.

This episode is meant to “dip your toes in the water” about what SEO means, and why it’s important. In the coming episodes, we would explore other aspects of Search Engine Optimization and its importance.

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